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Themed Images

For this assignment we were required to take a series of images with a common theme while shooting at Bannack. The theme that I chose was originally rust. But as I came back to my images later, I began to think of how, at one point in time, these things that I was taking pictures of were just common every day tools. I began to consider what we see every day on the street or in our homes that may one day seem foreign and ancient to some. With those ideas fresh in my mind, I shifted my theme from rust, to time.

Photo Book Portfolio

I’ve learned a lot over the course of this semester. Looking back at the first day really shows me how far I’ve come. Being able to compile all these photos from the entire semester into one portfolio was extremely satisfying. Evan after I ordered the book, I found new techniques and methods of editing that I wish I could have used for the book.

It’s nice to think that in the future, I will print off a new book and be able to compare the two and admire how much I have learned. This book contains my favorite photos from each project throughout the semester.

Photo Book PDF Web

Top Selling Stock Photo

Throughout this semester I’ve watched my photography skills slowly climb. It’s been a rewarding experience. Part of that has been the submission of stock photos to various companies. This post is a sort of mile marker to show how far I have moved throughout my time here. This photo is the one that I have sold more than any others. I call it Bird in the Branches.

This photo has no editing done other than a slight level adjustment. It is my top seller so far with a whopping grand total of 1 sale. It may not be much, but it’s an exciting start.



Fine Art Print


For this project, we needed to pick one picture from this semester that we wanted to print in a 16×24 inch framed piece that could be hung in a gallery. Professor Miller challenged us to pick a piece that could hang anywhere within our own homes. Because of that, a lot of pieces that I considered printing out took a backseat to this one. This is by far one of my favorite images this semester. It is an HDR photo that was taken in Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. I used various exposures and took multiple pictures of a window. I then combined the layers in Photoshop to get the best details from all of them. In the original image, the window was centered. With Brother Miller’s help and some Photoshop, I moved it to the right to make the image more appealing. The textures on the wall and the lighting in the floorboards are not photo-shopped. They are my favorite aspect of this image.

I want to dedicate this picture to my mother- Ronda. The rustic feel and green fields reminds me of her. I hope she knows that I love her as much as she loves cowboys and the outdoors.

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