Bannack Best – Portraits

We got the chance to visit Bannack Montana. It is a ghost town that provided lots of opportunity for portraits. Here are a few of my favorites.


Group Portrait



This photo was done with a strobe light. I asked to models to stand about five feet in front of it and turned it down to the lowest setting before snapping the photo. It took a little tweaking, but I got it to work. It might just be my favorite picture so far.



Ghost Image


The bright lighting made this one tricky, but it was done with all natural lighting. The shutter speed was at four seconds and the aperture was at f/22.



Single Portraits



Light used: Natural window




Light used: Natural window




Light used: Natural with diffuser



Hotel Room 1

Light used: Natural from window and strobe



Hotel Room 2

Light used: Off camera flash and silver reflector




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