Fine Art Print


For this project, we needed to pick one picture from this semester that we wanted to print in a 16×24 inch framed piece that could be hung in a gallery. Professor Miller challenged us to pick a piece that could hang anywhere within our own homes. Because of that, a lot of pieces that I considered printing out took a backseat to this one. This is by far one of my favorite images this semester. It is an HDR photo that was taken in Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. I used various exposures and took multiple pictures of a window. I then combined the layers in Photoshop to get the best details from all of them. In the original image, the window was centered. With Brother Miller’s help and some Photoshop, I moved it to the right to make the image more appealing. The textures on the wall and the lighting in the floorboards are not photo-shopped. They are my favorite aspect of this image.

I want to dedicate this picture to my mother- Ronda. The rustic feel and green fields reminds me of her. I hope she knows that I love her as much as she loves cowboys and the outdoors.


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